Jul 29, 2013

New York 2001

 The Metropolitan Museum of Art, LUCIAN FREUD's   Naked man, Back View

Jul 25, 2013



Jul 6, 2013

A Hawk over the city

Hawk over the city

An unexpected neighbor

A new neighbor  has moved in on the roof of the building right opposite to my office window in downtown Athens. A small hawk, an accipiter brevipes or sparrowhawk, I am not so sure about the species ( a “saini” in Greek)

What I am sure of, is that every morning I am looking forward to go to work (!!!) just to see him standing on the worn scaffold, observing everything – including me – and after a while start flying up in the sky in nice wide circles, until I can’t see him anymore.

I don’t know why he decided to stay in this place but I am grateful for driving my gaze out and up every day. My strange new friend… 

Jun 16, 2013

ERT, June 15, 2013 : Preparation for the concert of ΑΞΙΟΝ ΕΣΤΙ

Ραδιομέγαρο ΕΡΤ, 15/6/2013, συναυλία ΑΞΙΟΝ ΕΣΤΙ